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Mario's Junk Car Company - Get Top Dollars For clunkers

Mario’s Junk Car Company is the biggest buyers of cars in Edmonton, Alberta. Our company has widely established its name in the market. This is due to the high amount of pay we give for all unwanted cars, junk, SUV’s and trucks. We buy all makes and model of vehicles at a high dollars.

We are an automobile profession for junk service buyers that offer junk car removal and pay the best cash for vehicles in Edmonton. Beyond Edmonton, we render our services in other areas such as Stony Plain, Beaumont, Leduc, Spruce Grove, and Sherwood Park. Our company does tow of automobiles with no pay and we help our customers in selling their clunker with no hassles or expenses.

To get any service from Mario’s Junk Car Company, call us at any time and you will be given a free quote right there over your phone. The quotation is delivered within a few minutes possible. We also provide an online form for those who prefer filling forms.

Mario’s Junk Company is very conscious of the environment. Our aim is to repair and recycle old and unwanted cars.  To avoid environmental pollution, we do try and dispose of the scrap metals and other chemicals through legal and eco-friendly means. This not only makes our environment save but also make the Edmonton city more beautiful.

Get Best Price offer for your car now, Guaranteed!

Scrap car removal service

Scrap Car Removal Service

Mario’s Junk Company buys all the unwanted cars no matter what condition the car is. Whether used, junk, totaled, a wrecked or even accidental vehicle we buy all. We are a company that is trusted by the local community of Edmonton since we buy all makes and models of vehicles. Furthermore, we usually don’t look at the variety and condition of vehicles when buying them.

Used Car Buyer Stony Plain

Used Car Buyer Stony Plain

Our company offers the best prices for automobiles which may be abandoned in garages or driveways. In the Edmonton market, our company is the best at buying used cars. We buy every make, model, and variety of used automobile.

Stony Plain Auto Wreckers

Stony Plain Auto Wreckers

Mario’s junk car company is a well-known company in the local industry for our wrecking services. We do the removal of all wrecked, clunkers, accidental or damaged vehicles and then recycle them. This help to free off the junks which are nothing but a problem to the owner.

Auto Salvage Company

Auto Salvage Company

Our company is always there for those who want to get rid of the clunker. No matter what the condition of the automobile is we will purchase it. We will buy the car for cash and then take it to the scrap ground where we will take off the useable parts of it. We will then crush the car for steel and after that recycle it.

Car Donation Options Edmonton

Car Donation option

Mario’s junk car company makes it possible for those willing to donate their old and unwanted vehicles with no hassle. Our company together with our team will help you in donating the clunker for a good cause without any problem.

Free Towing Service Edmonton

Free Vehicle Towing Service

Our company offers free removal of car junks. Our goal is to make the people of Edmonton enjoy stress-free processes and make it hassle free. We will come to you at your convenient time and offer cost-free service for you.

Why choose Mario's Junk Car Company?

The following gives you every reason why you should choose the Mario’s Junk Car company:-

  • We have established ourselves as a prosperous professional junk car removal company
  • Our company is licensed and secure
  • Our biggest and main concern is customer satisfaction
  • We work hard to sustain our high standard of professionalism and services and take pride in our business
  • We render the free removal of every junk, damaged, wrecked, accidental and unwanted vehicles from the owner’s property.
  • We render topmost dollars for all clunkers