Used Car Buyers in Stony Plain, Alberta. Get Top Dollars for your Junk Car!

About Us

Do you want to sell your used car? We provide quick, no-hassle used car buying services. We believe that if you are in the dire need of making some simple cash from your used car. We have the reputation of being the best and the most trustable company to conduct business with when it comes to getting cash from your old and useless vehicle.

Cash for clunker Edmonton is a Junk Car Company that is located and operates in Edmonton, thus making it is a non-complicated option. The company works hard to make things as simple as possible for its customers. It is an auto salvage company in Edmonton that junk the automobiles and recycle them to help and keep the environment free from pollution.

The company has been operating for many years in the industry and through customer support, it is expected to operate for more years. The main frame of the company is based on their top cash price for cars, speedy services, and their knowledgeable employees. The company gives its customer the highest priority since they understand that customers are the one who keeps the company steady and running.

The company not only render its services in Edmonton city but also in areas such as Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Beaumont, Leduc, Nisku, Devon, Stony Plain, and other surrounding areas. Those who choose Mario’s company are guaranteed the best services.

Cash For Clunkers Stony Plain

Why do we boast of being the best used car buying company in Edmonton?

Our experienced car buyers have one core target in mind – satisfying the seller. We are always ready and willing to meet and exceed our clients’ objectives. We are joyous to let the sellers know that:

  • We buy all models of used cars, in any condition.
  • We offer a straightforward and apt car selling process.
  • We pay you directly into your bank account immediately after closing our business deal.
  • Our customer service attendants are very friendly and honest.
  • Our used car-evaluation experts offer the fairest prices worth your vehicle.
  • Our company is certified and guaranteed to buy your used car in any condition.
  • Our car buying process is fast and simple.

Our commitment to hassle-free Scrap car buying in Stony Plain

quality Service

The company strongly and willingly endeavors to buy junk cars at best dollars. Moreover, they purchase used cars of all types and render the best cash value for them.

Cash for clunker Edmonton offers free transactions for the hassle. This is cheaper as compared to selling a car online through Kijiji or Craigslist where you spend a lot of time looking for a buyer for your vehicle. Junk Edmonton Company helps you cut this tiresome work. They do direct buying of used cars.

Steps to Follow When Selling your Used Car to Us:

In order to sell a used car to us, we advise our sellers to follow some steps to make the whole process easier. They include:

  • Contacting us. You can do this through giving us a phone call or sending a message to us. You will be directed to fill out a form online on our website or visit us and fill it out. The form will contain all the necessary information on your car.
  • Providing the original paperwork. We would like to gather information about the car’s title, service records and any other special features that the car may have.
  • Obtaining your absolutely free quotation for your car from our evaluation experts. You are free to quote your price. We will listen to you.
  • We process the payment for your car and send the cash immediately to your bank account upon agreement on the most favourable price. If you prefer to get cash right there, we also offer Canadian dollars for junk car on spot.