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Scrap Car Disposal

Recycling junk car is an environmentally right way to get cash and a potential deduction of tax. Automotive recycling is the best for the environment. A bigger percentage of materials from cars can be recycled or reused. The process of car recycling might appear overwhelming at first due to many options that promise great deals for the car. Therefore, there is need to choose an option that provides the best environmentally friendly service for exchange with a fair rate of payoff.

Mario’s Junk Car Company has been this business of scrap car disposal and therefore has the best experience in the industry. The focus of our company has always been to render customers with top cash prices, unwavering service, and free towing for junk cars. We understand that it is our customers who have taken us where we are, and they are the one to take us where we intend to be in running our venture for years to come having more satisfied customers and mutually beneficial deals.

Our company offers scrap service in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. We scrap cars, vans, trucks SUV and many other automobiles. We render our scrap car disposal services together with auto removal with no charges.  We usually pay our customers the best competitive cash offers in the market.

Scrap Car Disposal Edmonton

What kind of vehicles do we scrap?

Our company offer scrap car disposal for:-

  • Wrecked automobile
  • Damaged cars
  • Old unwanted cars
  • Vehicles that have gotten into an accident
  • All types of cars, vans, trucks and SUVs
  • Clunkers not in use
  • Vehicles that have beaten up
  • Automobiles that have been in accident
  • Vehicles which cannot operate anymore

Auto Recycling Services in Stony Plain, AB

Mario’s Junk Car Company is the leading root for junk car recycling and auto salvaging in Stony Plain. This is because we usually pay for the scrap metal from the vehicles regardless of their condition. Furthermore, we do cash payment on the spot whether the vehicle is running or not. Being a fully-licensed scrap metal recycling company, we are the most trusted company that deliver scrap services in Edmonton. Our company yard has the latest technological advancements and resources for recycling cars and scraping metals with ease and convenience.