Used Car Buyers in Stony Plain, Alberta. Get Top Dollars for your Junk Car!

What options are there for junk cars other than donating?

Your almost worthless junk car doesn’t mean that the car is completely worthless. Other than donating the car to charity organisations, there are other options left. They are as listed below:

Trade it in for a newer car if it has any resale value

Trading in your junk car comes with some benefits. You will find a potential buyer conveniently without incurring any expenses. You will also get a top up from any amount the junk car will be valued at. This makes you save some money.

Sell its parts

There are some valuable scrap metals which can be removed from the junk car because most of it is made up of metal the rims and the body, they can give you some small amount of money if you decide to sell them.

Sell the Whole Junk Car to the Junkyard

Some junkyards buy junk cars with the aim of re-selling. Different junkyards give different offers. You can do due-diligence before settling for the best to sell your vehicle.

Recycle the Re-usable parts

Recycling centres buy used items like used car batteries to ensure that the toxic chemicals inside don’t pollute the environment. The used tires can be converted into rubberized asphalt for roads.

Turn the car in to a camper

Well, you may not actually drive it to a mountain or desert to camp for a weekend, but you can make a cool camper in your backyard especially if the engine doesn’t run anymore. Your kids will love this part! They can even have their play dates in there.

Repair the car and reuse it

Just because it looks junky to you it does not mean it’s beyond repair. Why don’t you give it a total new look. It may have lost its looks because you failed to give it a fix here and there. You may be surprised by how many people will mistake it for a new car after a new face.

Create a master piece from it

Have you ever had a car so dear you that you get emotional every time you think about letting it go? You shouldn’t part ways with it in this case. Create a master piece from it, put it on your backyard and keep the memories within your homestead.

The best option among the lot is to call Scrap car removal company that will not only tow it away without any charge to you but also give you money for your vehicle.